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Several years ago, we started a sports performance training facility with the support of a team of physicians, PTs, and coaches focused on helping serious baseball players reach their genetic potential for speed, velocity and explosiveness. From inception, we integrated the science of human movement and the results of hundreds of research studies into every aspect of our training.


In 2017, a specific study caught our attention.  A team of researchers studied nearly 200 kids between the ages of 6 and 16 to find out which strength and athletic metrics were most connected to throwing velocity.  Of all the variables tested, the researchers found a correlation of .9 between grip strength and throwing velocity, the single highest of any variable measured. This blew our minds.

Our team wondered whether similar correlations might exist for college pitchers, so we analyzed the results of 21 college pitchers we were training.

As with the previous study, we found that grip strength again had the highest correlation to throwing velocity at .65 of the 15 variables we measured.

Even though correlation does not always mean causation, we could not help but think that grip strength must have a significant influence on throwing velocity. 

This began what became a 2-year exhaustive review of 25+ years of research on the muscles and tendons in the forearm, wrist and fingers. When during the course of our research journey we learned that many of the muscles that affect grip strength happen to be the same muscles that impact velocity and spin rates and can protect the UCL from tearing, we had an epiphany. We thought…

Imagine a device that would help you throw harder, improve your command, give you greater movement, and protect your UCL from tearing. And if you tore your UCL, help you rehab faster.  We were on a mission.

It took numerous design iterations and the input from some of America’s leading sports medicine physicians, bio-mechanists and orthopedic surgeons as well as hundreds of players and coaches across youth, high school, college and pro baseball to get it right. But we believe our vision and persistence ultimately paid off in the creation of our patent pending design. Suffice it to say that after extensive development and testing, we could not possibly be any more excited about the ability of FlexPro Grip to revolutionize baseball for pitchers.


Adam and Daryl Moreau

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