Enhance Spin Rate
/ Pitch Movement

Pitch movement is primarily a function of 3 factors, velocity, spin, and spin efficiency.  Even if your velocity does not change, the greater your spin rate and spin efficiency, the more your ball will move. 

You’ve probably not given it much thought, but research has proven that your spin rate is directly tied to the amount of flexion force you apply to the ball with your fingers at release, and your spin efficiency is a function of the direction of the spin you place on the ball as it leaves your hand.

FlexPro Grip’s patented
design helps improve:

  1. Spin rates by increasing the strength and explosive force you are able to apply with your fingers at release.  
  2. Spin efficiency by enabling you to improve the neuromuscular control of the muscles in your wrist and fingers that impact the direction of the spin you place on the ball at release. 
Two muscles primarily control finger flexion:  the flexor digitorum superficialis (FDS) and the flexor digitorum profundus (FDP).
To increase your spin rate without any increase in velocity, you will need to increase the speed that these two muscles apply force to the ball milliseconds before and through ball release.  This requires a different form of training.  Rice buckets, tennis ball squeezes, and wrist curls might give you big forearms, but they won’t help you here. 
FlexPro Grip’s proprietary training protocol outlines exactly what you need to do to increase the speed at which you can accelerate these muscle tendon units to increase movement on your pitches.

Evidence based.
Proven results.

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