Throwing a baseball hard requires a specific sequencing of the kinetic chain, beginning with your drive leg and ending with the flexion of your fingers at ball release. 

Most velocity programs focus on the legs, trunk, and shoulder, but baseball researchers have found that if players don’t also train for finger strength and explosiveness, they are likely leaving velocity on the table. 

The reason:

At ball release, the joints in your middle and index fingers must flex at incredibly high speeds to apply force to the ball. As the last component of the kinetic chain, the greater the flexion force you’re able to apply to the ball with your fingers milliseconds before and through release, the greater your velocity.

Finger flexion is controlled primarily by 2 muscles, the flexor digitorum superficialis (FDS) and the flexor digitorum profundus (FDP).

FlexPro Grip’s Strength and Rate of Force Development protocols can help objectively increase both the strength and rate of force development of these two muscles, which can enable you to apply greater force to the ball as it leaves your fingertips and increase your velocity.   

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