What makes
FPG unique

FlexPro Grip is the only device in the world that can help pitchers of all ages optimally target and strengthen the control of the muscles and tendons from the fingertips through the elbow.

  1. FPG is portable so it can be used anywhere as long as you have access to wi-fi or data.
  2. FPG is both a measurement and training device.
  • As a measurement device:
  • a) FPG is both a dynamometer and force plate for the muscles that control
    flexion and extension of the fingers and ulnar and radial deviation of the wrist,
    essential to increase strength, endurance, and explosiveness.
  • As a training device:
    a) FPG allows for isometric training across a range of muscle lengths, key since training muscles at their longest muscle length produces the greatest strength gains.
    b) FPG allows users to isolate individual fingers at multiple joints, which is essential because: 
    – Different muscles that offer protection against UCL tears control movement of the fingers at different joints, and the only way to optimally train them is to specifically target these actions with precise loads.
    – Research has proven that muscle tendon units achieve the greatest gains in
    strength and toughness when training loads exceed 70% of maximum
    voluntary contraction. Conventional exercises routinely fail to provide
    sufficient loads because in any multi-finger task such as squeezing a ball of
    holding a dumbbell, each finger only reaches 60-70% of its maximum force.

    3. Training with FPG eliminates all guesswork.  The FPG app is powered by evidence-based training protocols that customize each user’s program with every training session.

    4. FPG’s patent pending design allows users to optimally target the precise muscle tendon units baseball’s most prominent researchers have found to be best positioned to reduce the level of torque throwing places on the UCL in order to reduce the chance of a UCL tear.

Let FlexPro Grip help you protect your UCL and improve your pitch movement, velocity, and command.

Evidence based.
Proven results.

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